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Appointment bookings are currently closed for in-person and online readings. July appointments will be available on June 30 at 12:00 PM CST. If you have questions about private bookings please reach out via chat or email me at

Image by David Tomaseti

Quick Lapse in Judgement

This is a great intro to readings that can take on many shapes. We'll dig into the burning question overflowing on the surface and break it down to understand a specific situation. Typically takes between 10-25 mins via 3-5 card spreads. 

Image by Chris Barbalis

As Above So Below

Take a deep dive into your core and see what we we can find there. This reading is the house specialty and uncovers the hearth that set off your current circumstance, what you might be afraid of or hope for, and what to do with all that. Can take anywhere from 20 mins to an hour depending on complexity of the message and time for questions. 10+ card spreads.

Image by Kevin Erdvig

Allusion in The Garden

Will work with you to coordinate a chaotic experience at your next witchy gathering. Offering on-site group readings in the greater Austin area. We also have access to a few fun spaces where we can offer small group sessions. No limits to creativity here in thinking through themes for readings. Events can be booked for 2+ hours (4 hour max). 

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