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Chaos Readings

What to expect: 

My readings are customizable to your needs and specific questions. The primary goal is delivering a useful session- free of bias, cliches and filters. I also try to shape the reading into a DIY lesson in intuition access and energetic connection. I hope you'll leave feeling like you're taking something with you.

My reading style is gender inclusive and I aim to create a judgement - free safe space where all lifestyles, religious affiliations, relationship choices and individual identities are respected. 

Please keep in mind that tarot readings aid and support self reflection, but are not a replacement for therapy and medical services. Please book with clear expectations.   

My Story

 I've been using tarot to conduct intuitive readings for strangers and friends for almost 10 years. I think of tarot as a way to connect and tell stories and I conduct sessions as a learning and translation opportunity for us both.  


I work inside the Velvet Casket alongside several other spooky vendors. My readings are conducted in the Heathenly Highway vitage shop, a rotating furniture, clothing and unique wares installation where every item you see is for sale. 


“I came across Chaos Readings at the Austin Witch Market. It was my first time attending, and I had no expectations, but Shelby blew me away. I did her guidance tarot reading (because I sure as hell needed some guidance), and at the very beginning, she passively goes, "Oh, there's a ghost here." Mind you, she didn't mention any type of mediumship, and immediately I was intrigued.

Throughout the reading, she explained each card, what it represented, and what it meant to me in immense detail. If I had any questions, she would not hesitate to explain or pull more cards to provide me with additional clarification. Each one was on point without knowing what I had asked the cards. It was remarkable.

During the reading, she brought up the ghost again and began describing them. "He's young but has white hair. He has so much energy." I turned to my husband and asked him who he thought it was, and he and I both agreed it sounded like my stepfather who passed unexpectedly in December 2021. As Shelby continued reading, the guidance that the cards had laid out sounded EXACTLY like him. It was advice he had told me time and time before, and it was exactly what I needed.

It was such an impromptu, unique experience that I can't recommend Chaos Readings enough. Shelby is kind, thorough, and certainly gifted. I've already reached out to book an appointment with her again for my best friend, and I wouldn't hesitate to see her in the future.."


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